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creepy pasta/ The Masked collector

If you're new to my page then read this first! (NOT you Slendyfox, you wrote the damn thing!)… This is a short story from River's rivals point of view. She gave Riv. her new title.

   You turn your key in the apartment door. It was a long day, but you're looking forward to collapsing on your bed and relaxing for those last few hours before you sleep. As soon as you step in, something seems wrong. You smell liquor... I woman sits at your table with a drink in her hand. She's waring a green wooden mask with a metal stip down the middle, a dark brown leather trenchcoat, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. Both of her gloves are spiked, but the left glove has small, cone like spikes, where-as the other has longer, claw like spikes. You can see that she also has short, blond hair.
   She turns her head toward you. Her mask is tilted up enough so that she can enjoy her drink. She smiles and finishes off the strong alcohol. She then stands and dusts off her jeans. She tilts her mask down and extends a friendly hand.
   "You must be (your name), nice to meet you. I'm River." You shake her hand, but wonder why she's in your apartment. "Now I'm sure you're terribly confused, so let me clear this up. My boss thinks that you have the right stuff to work for him. He's asked me to come get you and bring you to him." This 'River' lady says. You look her over calmly. Something about her says that her boss isn't someone you'd like to associate yourself with. Perhaps it's the fact that she's wearing a mask? Or is it the way she's acting so friendly? And let's not forget the fact that there is really no way she could have gotten into your apartment through legal means, you ALWAYS lock your door when you leave.
   "Um... no. I'm not going anywhere thanks. If your boss wants to talk to me he can come see me in person." you say. She gives a little sigh and shifts her wieght.
   "Okay, I think I should re-explain this situation. My boss wants to see you tonight, I'm here to collect you. Now, at the risk of sounding like a steriotypical thug; we can do this the easy way or the hard way." she states bluntly. You imediatly run for the door. "Alright! Hard way it is then." She sighs. She takes three steps and closes the distance between you while you struggle with the door. You feel a hard punch to your left arm and you turn to fight back. She moves backwards quickly as you go to punch back. You run to your kitchen and grab a knife of decent proportions.
   "Ooooh! I see why the boss wants you now! You have some fight in you." She says. You stab and slash at her but she's good at dodging. She uses the heavy coat to deflect a slash and punches you in the collar bone with her left. She then slashes at you with her right gloves' claws, wolveriene style. You dodge the easy slash. Is she really trying? She twitches suddenly and steps to the left. A boy crashes through your bedroom window. He's holding two hatchets and that's all you take the time to see.
   You rush to your door and it opens easily this time. River chases after you but not the boy. You're thankfull for that. You start yelling for help but nobody even opens a door. River is suddenly behind you. You recieve another punch to the back as you run away. You manage to get out of the main building and to the street. You look back. River is still running after you at full speed. You run as fast as you can go.
   You're starting to feel strange, kinda' tired. You brush it off as exaustion. You check over your shoulder. River isn't chasing you anymore but the hatched wielder is. You try to run faster. A leather clad arm flashes infront of you and you fall flat on your back. River is infront of you now but you know that that's impossible. She and the Hatchet wielder take turns swinging at you. The exaustion is starting to get to you and you're getting sluggish in your dodging. The world is starting to go black. You feel yourself fall face first toward the street. A strong hand catches you and you dangle by one arm inches from the cement.
   "Woops! let's not deliver you to the boss with a concusion!" River says. You pass out.
   You open your eyes as the world comes back into focus. You're still groggy, but otherwise unharmed. You hear somthing like static from a television. Did you fall asleep watching a movie? No, that's not right. Your cieling isn't grey, it's white. You look to your right. There's a pile of pillows and a large bay window. The static stops.
   "Oh, would you stop teasing me about that damn mutant! I wasn't expecting her to pull a damn sword out o--- Oh hey (your name)'s up!" River's voice eccos in the small room. You look down and to the right. River is sitting in a small chair, leanind forward and holding her hands together, like she was in an engaging conversation.
   "Where the fuck am I you bitch!?" you scream. Static screams through the room and you clasp your head in pain.
   "The boss'd like you to watch your mouth. I agree with him!" River beams, totally unfazed by the painfull sound. You look at the end of the mattress you're laying on. A long, black clad leg hovers in the air, crossed over another. You follow the leg upward. Lengthy arms fold gracfully against the black suit, a red tie breaking up the tall gentilmen's black on white garb. He's pale, bald, and terrifyingly, faceless. You know him as The Slenderman. He stands up from the custom built chair. He's easily ten feet tall.
   "He says you can work for him willingly, or unwillingly. Your choice!" River says brightly. What the fuck is wrong with this chick? The only thing that comes out of your mouth is a scream and a lot of swearing. "So, unwillingly then... Wow (your name), you really make bad decisions." River says.
    The Slenderman grabs you by the head. Your whole head aches and you scream in pain. Your whole world is white and you can't think strieght. You need to get away. Somone help you get a way! Please you need to... You..... Who are you again? You look around the room. The master takes his hand off of your face. You look at him and then a his Masked Collector. You looke at your master again. Two more masked ones appear in the doorway. They make noises at the collector, but you can't comprehend what they mean. Well that's not entirly true. You understand two words. Completley. Silenced. These mean tha who you once were, and would've been are gone. You are nothing. You are merely a puppet. To be discarded when no longer usefull.
After this I'll be moving Proximity over... Not looking forward to it. So Here we go!
SlendyFox321 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing work my friend! Just awesome :D
13Wolfy13 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Thank you
SlendyFox321 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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